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Resilience & Mindset Training


Resilience Mode

In a world where everyone finds increased difficulty and challenge daily, it’s no surprise to hear the word RESILIENCE. The question is, do they know what Resilience is? Does one naturally know how to activate their own when needed the most? One person who knows the subject inside out is Ricky Kidd; he spent 23 years wrongfully convicted before winning back his deserved freedom.

What you will learn from this training program is:

  • Why Resilience Matter? 

  • Why is it essential to your lifestyle and mental health? 

  • Why is it essential to be able to access it quickly? 

  • 4 Nuggets of Wisdom

  • 5 Keys to activating your Resilience

This training is for everyone and anyone who has gone thru tough times in life. It’s also for those who want to be ready for the next time difficulty or challenges come upon them. 


The goal of this training:

To help individuals understand how to switch to their resilience mode and

be ready for life’s array of challenges 

To Harness the ability to take a negative and truly turn it into a positive in their life 

How to take the rubble of devastation as building blocks to create a future worth living

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Team Brainstorm

Resilience Matter

This training program is intended for individuals working in a professional environment that has

a high propensity for stress. Stress-related decisions have been known to cause undesirable

outcomes that harm self, others, or the company/agency.

The goal of this training is to:

  • Help participants identify how stress correlates with impaired decision making

  • Help participants identify critical elements that cause work-related stress

  • Help participants connect with resilience training as a way to combat stress, stressful

environments and produce a more consistent quality decision.

Many know the terminology Resilience, often used to describe how an individual

or group has overcome a difficulty or challenge. While that is certainly true as a basic definition and understanding, many do not know that Resilience training is a tool designed to help individuals or groups cope with mental trauma and stress.

What you will learn from this training program is:

  • How to be more consistent in Mindfulness (what you are thinking or feeling in the moment)

  • How to discover hidden stress

  • How to find ways to use Expressiveness as an outlet or filter to reduce work environment stress

  • Understand the actualization of self-care and its benefits

  • Why it's essential to have a healthy circle of social support towards the goal of reducing bad decisions made out of stress.

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Making The Right Decision

Making The Right Decision Is A Half-Day Training Program Designed To Expose Those That Work In The Criminal Legal System To The Realities Of Their Decisions And The Origin of Where Those Decisions Come From. 

Challenging Perspectives; Changing Lives. Our DEI CLE Training Programs will empower your group to make the right decision while always considering their Human Integrity Spectrum!

Learn More Here, Now Booking Fall & Winter 2023

Why This Training: 

  • Help You Understand The Personal Story Of An Exoneree

  • Help You Become Abreast On The Latest Stats & Numbers Surrounding Wrongful Convictions In America (According To The National Registry For Exonerations)

  • Learn, Discuss, And Identify Unconscious Bias And The Role It Can Play In A Wrongful Conviction

  • Learn Why Integrity In Advocacy Work Is Vital And The Unintended Consequence When It Is Not Applied

  • Learn The Importance Of Resilience Training And The Correlation Between Stress And The Decisions You Make

  • Identify Some Best Practices Moving Forward In Preventing Wrongful Convictions

  • This training program is essential because we know a lot more about the existence of wrongful convictions. Still, we have less training about what can be done to diminish the likelihood of a wrongful conviction happening in the first place.


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