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Can you imagine going to prison for 23 years for a crime you didn't commit? Well, that is the real-life story of Ricky Kidd. Even though he had an alibi at the time of the crime; Ricky was arrested in 1996 for the shooting deaths of George Bryant and Oscar Bridges in Kansas City, MO. He was arrested and convicted with no physical evidence linking him to the crime. The prosecutor has since been accused of misconduct inthis and several other cases, and Ricky was exonerated on his last appeal with the help of the Midwest Innocence Project. Ricky is now sharing his story as a criminal justice consult, speaker, author, and playwright. His sole post-exoneration focus is to educate and inspire millions of people about resilience in facing their challenges. Ricky has also advocated for the wrongfully convicted all over the country and has even trained prosecutors to avoid wrongful convictions as a criminal justice consultant. Using his unique gift to break down social barriers and use the rubble to build new opportunities. Mr.Kidd was recently elected to serve as a member of the Innocence Network Executive Board & selected to be on the Kansas City DA Community Advisory Board. Ricky's story has been fuel for him to continue to share his story of true resilience and educate and inspire others that they too can overcome adversity! ​ "I was forced to become the light, illuminating everything in sight; I was forced to become the oxygen if ever I was to breathe again," says Ricky Kidd in his book of spoken words. 

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APB National Speaker | Trainer | Author | Criminal Justice Consultant Innocence Network Executive Board Member

A Journey Inside The Mind of The Innocent 
Vivid Expressions By Ricky Kidd

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He writes while in prison, “Few could ever handle their life being dismantled, surrounded by total darkness without even so much as a candle. I was forced to become the light, illuminating everything in sight. I was forced to become the oxygen if ever I was to breathe again.” The pieces released in this book serve as a small window into what it's like to be innocent. Some are simple; others are profoundly provocative… A journey readers can take without ever having to leave their chairs.

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