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For 23 years as the world progressed and turned anew, Ricky Kidd was restrained within a facility where he fought to earn his release. Once wrongfully convicted – he is now a speaker, master facilitator, mindset coach, and a figure of resoluteness. He started to conduct workshops within the prison system that sought to confine him, worked on himself, and then turned his attention to helping others. Ricky lost 11 appeals before finally winning his very last appeal, time and time again discovering how to push himself back up and, soon after his release, put his natural prowess into action. After rigorous endurance his voice, once silenced, has made its way all over the United States; raising money & and awareness for worthy causes, as well as mindset training for DA offices, companies, colleges, and individuals. His company “ResilienceMode” seeks to educate, elevate, and inspire all walks of people towards a better self. He uses his unique gift to break down social barriers and use the rubble to build new opportunities. Mr.Kidd has served as a member of the Innocence Network Executive Board, as well as The Kansas City DA Community Advisory Board. His work at the Midwest Innocence Project as a Philanthropy and Community Outreach has allowed him to work with a diverse population. When he’s not making a difference in the lives of others, Ricky enjoys spending his spare time with his wife of four years and his 3-year-old daughter, Harmony Justice. Long trail walks, reading a good book over tea, bowling, or traveling are also his favorite pastimes. "I was forced to become the light, illuminating everything in sight; I was forced to become the oxygen if ever I was to breathe again," writes Ricky in his book of spoken words. Hoping to use his life to make a difference in others, he plans to leave on his tombstone, “I Came, I Lived, I Mattered.” Ricky's book, “Vivid Expressions: A Journey Inside The Mind of The Innocent." Can be found on Amazon.


A Journey Inside The Mind of The Innocent 
Vivid Expressions By Ricky Kidd

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He writes while in prison, “Few could ever handle their life being dismantled, surrounded by total darkness without even so much as a candle. I was forced to become the light, illuminating everything in sight. I was forced to become the oxygen if ever I was to breathe again.” The pieces released in this book serve as a small window into what it's like to be innocent. Some are simple; others are profoundly provocative… A journey readers can take without ever having to leave their chairs.

Learn More About The Case and Facts of Ricky's Innocence

Facts of Riky's Innocence

THE MISSION OF THE NATIONAL REGISTRY OF EXONERATIONS is to provide comprehensive information on exonerations of innocent criminal defendants in order to prevent future false convictions by learning from past errors.

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