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Thanks to people like you.... Ricky Kidd has been able to come home and land on his feet despite the state of Missouri denying him any compensation for wrongfully keeping Ricky in prison for almost 25 years. 


Ricky Kidd has been able to cross the country & share his story of "Broken Justice & RESILIENCE" due to community & national outreach . That support continues to be needed & is greatly appreciated.


You can contact us to book Ricky Kidd as a speaker , panelist, presenter or reserve your spot as Ricky Kidd offers 2022 Speaking Tour Dates , Workshops & More. 


If you are an everyday citizen who also wants to help Ricky share his message across the country, you can make a contribution by clicking the Support Ricky's Mission Here button at the top of this page. 

Almost a quarter of a century later,  Ricky Kidd is now living in his freedom & helping others find theirs.


He is the founder of I AM RESILIENCE, a global transformational change platform that helps people tap into their own RESILIENCE.


“I was forced to become the light, illuminating everything in sight, I was forced to become the oxygen if ever I was to breathe again” says Ricky Kidd, in his book of spoken words. 


Click here to purchase Ricky Kidds book on Amazon : “Vivid Expressions: A Journey Inside The Mind of The Innocent” 


Ricky Kidd is a justice advocate, speaker, playwright & community activist who is on a mission to advance all current & future generations through positive impact. 


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Hear Ricky Kidd Speak!

Hear Ricky Kidd Speak!