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His unique story blew me away, and he articulated a powerful message about intentionality and unfairness in the criminal justice system. In fact, I did not at all view this as a waste of a Saturday morning - I learned from attending the speech, and greatened my perspective at the same time.

Ricky has been a guest of ReelTime Creative Learning Experiences in front of over 1000 lawyers. (That's over 1000 sets of intensely critical eyes and ears.) And they gave him top reviews out of ALL the others who spoke; I Kidd you not. 

Ricky is a true inspiration, an awesome human being, and a terrific communicator. He has not just survived but thrived through life's toughest crucibles and come out the other side kind, generous, and wise. I recommend Ricky as a speaker for any event that needs uplifting honesty; hopefulness earned the hard way, and a positive spirit that will inspire action and perseverance.

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