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Resilience Mode

This program is intended for individuals working in a professional environment that has

a high propensity for stress. Stress-related decisions have been known to cause undesirable

outcomes that harm self, others, or the company/agency.

The goal of this training is to:

➢ Help participants identify how stress correlates with impaired decision making

➢ Help participants identify critical elements that cause work-related stress

➢ Help participants connect with resilience training as a way to combat stress, stressful

environments and produce a more consistent quality decision.

Many know the terminology Resilience, often used to describe how an individual

or group has overcome a difficulty or challenge. While that is certainly true as a basic definition

and understanding, many do not know that Resilience training is a tool designed to help

individuals or groups cope with mental trauma and stress.

What you will learn from this training program is:

➢ How to be more consistent in Mindfulness (what you are thinking or feeling in the moment)

➢ How to discover hidden stress

➢ How to find ways to use Expressiveness as an outlet or filter to reduce work environment stress

➢ Understand the actualization of self-care and its benefits

➢ Why it's essential to have a healthy circle of social support

towards the goal of reducing bad decisions made out of stress.

Get Into Resilience Mode; Schedule Your Training Today!

Prosecutor Training

The Cost of A Prosecutor’s Decision Workshop Is A Half-Day Training Program
Designed To Expose Prosecutors To The Realities Of Their Decisions And

The Origin of Where Those Decisions Come From. 

Challenging Perspectives; Changing Lives. Our DEI Training Programs will empower your group to make the right decision while always considering their Human Integrity Spectrum!

Get Into Resilience Mode; Schedule Your Training Today!

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